Drawing from decades of experience, Castle Law Group helps individual and business clients plan and prepare for a successful future.


Castle Law Group helps individuals and companies confront and resolve disputes and other problems that could interfere with success.


Castle Law Group works with entrepreneurs and enterprises to focus on where they make their money, how to make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer.


Our attorneys work with individuals and enterprises to create winning strategies, build effective operations, and deliver results for their initiatives.


Our law firm designs, develops and delivers performance based custom solutions to clients facing difficult problems, lawsuits or legal disputes.


Our transactional division manages small-to-large scale real estate and business transactions for individual and corporate buyers and sellers.


Our professionals work with clients to turn ideas into profitable ventures by developing and implementing winning life and business strategies.

We Represent Timeshare Owners

Castle Law Group has the resources and know-how to help you resolve your timeshare problems.


We Help Timeshare Owners Who Have Been Victims of Timeshare Fraud.

Castle Law Group Represents Clients Against Wyndham and Other Timeshare Companies.



With Our Team of Professionals, We Can Help You Overcome Obstacles.

Castle Law Group has the resources and know-how to help you resolve your problems and achieve greater success.


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Understanding government tax incentives for small businesses

There was a great deal of posturing and little explaining during recent fiscal negotiations, so it’s understandable if you couldn’t make out what the negotiations mean for small business owners. Indeed, small business owners (SBOs) risked losing some tax... read more

Study Finds That People With Both Math And Social Skills Are More Successful

Are you good at math? Do you get along well with other people? If you can answer “yes” to both of these questions, your earning potential is higher than ever before. A recent study from the University of California, Santa Barbara, found that individuals... read more

Private-Equity Scrutiny Deepens as SEC Finds Illegal Fees

Private-equity firms, after decades of operating with limited regulatory scrutiny, are facing possible sanctions and tighter oversight after the Securities and Exchange Commission uncovered improprieties at most firms. The SEC found illegal fees or severe compliance... read more

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